TRIT In Brief

The Tea Research Institute of Tanzania (TRIT) was established in 1996 as an autonomous organisation representing the Government of Tanzania and the Tea industry. TRIT aims to support the development of both small and large scale producers through appropriate, cost effective, high quality research and technology transfer, to ensure the sustainability of the industry.


TRIT objectives are to: * provide answers to practical problems of immediate concern to the industry * identify the financial benefits of research recommendations * communicate the results of this work to the industry in appropriate, unambiguous ways * explain, where possible, the mechanisms responsible for the observed responses, so that the results can be applied with confidence to other locations * subject this work to peer group review through scientific publications when justified

EU Support

Since its establishment in 1996 and subsequent initiation of physical implementation of its activities in 1998, TRIT has significantly benefited from the EU support.


TRIT is governed by a Board of Directors, made up of representatives of Tanzania Government and the Tea Industry.


Until June 2006, TRIT activities were funded mainly through a cess imposed on all processed tea sold by producers and also by cooperating donors. The TTP was principally


TRIT publishes various research papers and scientific reports. Key types of publications are categorised as follows